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Jamie is also a professional acting teacher and coach.  She currently offers remote coaching via Zoom.  Rates are listed below.
 Feel free to contact her to book an appointment at:

$40 / 15 minutes
$75 / 30 minutes
$110 / 45 minutes
$140 / 60 full hour
$225 / a month
Class Style is Audition Technique


Adam Tsekhman Headshot.jpg

"Jamie has tremendous instincts as a coach. She’s able to find moments and makes choices that always bring life to a scene. Her positive energy is infectious and she’s a brilliant actress which makes working with her an absolute joy!"

-Adam Tsekhman, DC'S Legends of Tomorrow, Hawaii 5-0

Nikki Tuazon Headshot 2.jpg

"Jamie's instincts are always 100% RIGHT ON TARGET. She effortlessly and efficiently coaches me on all my auditions either in person or through FaceTime when I'm short on time. She fine tunes my auditions to find what works best on ME which has helped me book countless roles in my career. Jamie is an absolute joy to work with, extremely professional, inspiring and has the most AMAZING & uplifting energy! You can tell she genuinely loves what she does."

-Nikki Tuazon, Black-ish, S.W.A.T

Adam Faison Headshot.jpg

"I love working with Jamie because she fundamentally understands an actor's essence and is therefore able tailor her notes to what will play best in a scene for you. I never feel like I am getting a "blanketed" direction. She also has an incredibly welcoming presence that always makes me excited to dig into new material with her."

-Adam Faison, Here and Now, Grace & Frankie

Ari Frenkel Photo copy.JPG

"Jamie is a true joy to be around and will put you in the perfect mindset before an audition.  She will pump you up and work with you to craft a unique, competetive, and compelling audition, no matter what the genre."

-Ari Frenkel, Silicon Valley, There's...Johnny!


"Jamie Renee Smith is a phenomenal acting teacher and audition coach. Hands down, she has helped transform my career into a working actor. Not only do I study at her studio but I also audition coach whenever possible. Throughout this past year with her, I've booked four amazing TV roles for CBS, ABC and Facebook Watch. I attribute my booking success to her keen teaching skills that keep me sharp for auditions."

-Kikey Castillo, Big Bang Theory, For the People


“I’ve worked w JRS for over 3yrs and the direction, feedback and tools she provides will help you book that job. She continues to be my go to coach in Los Angeles.”

-David DeSantos, Animal Kingdom, The Rookie


"Jamie is a BRILLIANT acting coach. Her experience as an actor herself, her training, and her positive energy make her an unbeatable choice when looking for an acting coach who brings out the best in you. I truly believe that without Jamie’s encouragement and guidance I would not be bold enough to trust my own instincts and make courageous choices- which has brought me the success I have today. Jamie keeps it real with me and uplifts me at the same time. And the best part is that she is also a WORKING ACTOR so she fully gets it. I tell fellow actors if they want to coach with someone who is currently in this business, not an actor who was working 30 years ago, coach with Jamie- your career and confidence will grow. Tried and true!"

-Anjelika Washington, StarGirl, Young Sheldon

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